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“Land of All”: Art and Artists of Mornington Island

At the 22nd National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award in 2005, I caught sight of a (relatively) small canvas that from a distance appeared starkly white all over; on closer inspection I saw that the white background was … Continue reading

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Readings from the Far North

Many of the books that I read wind up as the inspiration for posts to this blog because they resonate with something that is already on my mind, with previous posts, or because they set off new trains of interesting … Continue reading

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Lardil Culture from Mornington Island

Several weeks ago, I posted a note about a wonderful show of art from Mornington Island. I heard in response from Brett Evans, the Art Centre Co-ordinator, with the news that a new and improved website would soon be in production. Well, I … Continue reading

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Art from Mornington Island

I’m several days into writing a blog on Aboriginal art, and I haven’t even created a category called art yet, or written much about paintings or sculpture. Allow me to correct that now, with a short entry about a delightful … Continue reading

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