Out Bush / In Town

I’ve received a few photographs from members of the mob I traveled with last month that I’d like to share with you. They’re perfectly timed, as one is from Kayili Arts in Patjarr (last week’s post) and they others from Warakurna Artists (should be up soon), or more properly, their exhibition at Alcaston Gallery in Melbourne, which closed today with every work either sold or on reserve. The paintings featured in all these photographs are collaborative works, real representations of the communities from which they come.

From out bush comes this shot of the front of the Kayili Arts painting shed, with coordinater Michael Stitfold.

Photo by Wolfgang Schlink TRIBAL eARTh GALLERY

There’s so many wonderful aspects to this photograph, starting of course with the masterpiece hanging outside for everyone to enjoy. But it captures so many archetypal aspects of an art centre, starting with the riot of paint and color everywhere: drips and splotches that you would find in any artist’s studio. There’s the outlines of gessoed canvases against the wall, but here mixed in with the graffiti that’s characteristic of the centres’ decoration. And speaking of decoration, notice how surfaces everywhere become “canvases” including the door and the cinderblocks below the painting. These tiny fragments of the Dreaming never fail to make me think back to Papunya boards in their opportunism and their simply and dramatic compositions. 

From in town, photos from Khadija, who is still enjoying her native Melbourne. These were taken at the afternoon tea last Saturday at Alcaston Gallery in honor of the Western Desert Mob and Warakurna Artists.

Mrs Eunice Yunurupa Porter

Bev Knight looks on as coordinator Edwina Circuitt addresses the crowd.

Our friend Kerry catches up with Mrs Porter two weeks after our visit to Warakurna
Stay tuned for stories of Mrs Porter and Warakurna in a day or so.

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