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This Week: Elizabeth Povinelli at the University of Melbourne

I had the pleasure of hearing Elizabeth Povinelli speak at Duke University in December of 2007. If you’re in Melbourne on Thursday, May 27, don’t miss what ought to be a fascinating, insightful, and challenging lecture, “The end of knowledge … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Povinelli on Digital Archives

Last Monday I had the good fortune to hear Elizabeth Povinelli lecture at Duke University. The opportunity arose through another piece of good fortune, my recent acquaintance with Jane Anderson, who is doing a post-doc this year at Duke after … Continue reading

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The Burdens of Multiculturalism

Last week I used a long quotation from Elizabeth A. Povinelli’s book The Cunning of Recognition: indigenous alterities and the making of Australian multiculturalism (Duke University Press, 2002) as a springboard for a discussion of the economics of Aboriginal labor. I promised … Continue reading

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The Economics of Aboriginal Work

My previous post summarized an article in the Alice Springs News that quoted Yanda Aboriginal Art owner Chris Simon as saying, “Some co-ops imply these artists can’t think for themselves by saying that they can only work for them. It smacks of colonialism. … … Continue reading

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