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Yuendumu in India / Maningrida in America

A couple of announcements just in of new Aboriginal art shows outside of Australia. Warlukurlangu Artists will be opening in April in New Delhi, and the first all-Maningrida show to grace America’s shores arrives the same week in Washington, DC.

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Maningrida Arts and Culture, Maningrida, NT

Maningrida Arts and Culture is a powerhouse warehouse of Indigenous art. Of all the art centres we visited across the Territory and adjacent WA, Maningrida had the most impressive array of work on offer, certainly in terms of sheer quantity. The … Continue reading

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Maningrida’s (First) Day in Court

I received the following press release today from Ian Munro, CEO of the Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation (BAC) in Maningrida, which has mounted what I understand to be the first legal challenge to aspects of the Intervention in the Northern Territory. There will … Continue reading

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Bad Aboriginal Art Criticism

Eric Michaels’ essay “Bad Aboriginal Art” and the collection of his writings by the same name is the inspiration for my headline this week, of course, because I can never resist the opportunity to plug Michaels’ extraordinary glimpses into Warlpiri culture and … Continue reading

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A Season in Heaven: Art Catalogs for Christmas

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while are no doubt familiar with my rants about the sorry state of documentation for current exhibitions of Aboriginal art, directly mainly at Telstra for failing to fund decent … Continue reading

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Maningrida’s Year

If someday art historians look back to assess the Aborginal art scene in 2006 I think there will be two salient themes in their analysis. The first will be that there had never before been such extensive coverage of Aboriginal … Continue reading

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