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The Grace of God

“How to paint the grace of God?” That is the surprising question with which Wally Caruana opens the essays that introduce this extraordinary compilation of Old Masters: Australia’s greatest bark artists (National Museum of Australia, 2013). A few years back, … Continue reading

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Vivid Histories, Living Memories

The latest in a stunning series of international exhibitions of Indigenous Australia art opened on Octover 16, 2013 at the Musée d’Acquitaine in the French city of Bordeaux.  It is called Mémoires Vives: une histoire de l’art aborigène.  In the … Continue reading

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Aboriginal Academy

I’m beginning to wonder if naming something “Australia” is a bad idea.  I’m not quibbling about the continent and country.  But there was that Baz Luhrmann film that attracted a lot of flack.  And now there’s this show over in … Continue reading

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Rakuny ga Walnga

Undeniably, the best part of writing a blog, every week for eight years now (I’m astonished to realize), are the introductions it affords me to people around the world, virtually, and especially when I land on the ground in Australia. … Continue reading

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Country, Life, and History at GoMA

The massive exhibition, My Country: I Still Call Australia Home: Contemporary Art from Black Australia, closes at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art on October 7.  Thanks to a friend in Brissie, I was able to post photographs of the show … Continue reading

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It’s Da Bomb

On my last trip to Europe, years ago, I got to check out the Pintupi show at Hamilton Gallery in London, attend the opening ceremonies at the Musée du quai Branly, view Gabrielle Pizzi’s astounding collection, and meet George Petitjean, … Continue reading

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Reception Theory

In its article on reception theory, Wikipedia quotes Harold (not Herbert) Marcuse to aid in defining the field: reception history is “the history of the meanings that have been imputed to historical events. It traces the different ways in which participants, … Continue reading

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