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Virtuosity: Fred Myers and Pintupi Masters at the Kluge-Ruhe

Virtuosity: The Evolution of Painting at Papunya Tula, the new exhibition at the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection, curated by Fred Myers, is full of moments of astonishing visual delight and magic. One of these occurs near the end of a short … Continue reading

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More Aboriginal Art (and Culture) on the Web

I have two new web sites to report on today, plus a third that’s been around for a while, but which I have (inexplicably) not yet written about. First, the new Papunya Tula Artists website debuted this week, and it’s a beauty. … Continue reading

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Dreaming Their Way at Dartmouth: The Conference Keynote Address

My delight in being invited to the Hood Museum at Dartmouth College for the opening of Dreaming Their Way was doubled by the promise of a conference that featured a day and a half of speeches, tours, and discussions relating to Aboriginal … Continue reading

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Fred Myers and David Betz on the Air

Saturday afternoon I tuned my web browser to KWMR in West Marin (outside of San Francisco) to listen to Fred Myers and David Betz be interviewed by Ellen Shehadeh on “all things aboriginal.” My first reaction was one of an … Continue reading

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Talk Radio: Fred Myers and David Betz

Here’s a very late notice of what I hope will be an interesting radio broadcast from California less than 24 hours from now. Any early-risers in Australia may be able to catch it. I checked out the link to the … Continue reading

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Painting Culture

I may as well begin this blog by acknowledging a book that is perhaps the best expression to date of the general issues I want to discuss: Fred Myers’ Painting Culture: the making of an Aboriginal high art (Duke University Press, 2003). … Continue reading

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