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Stolen Generations / True Stories

I. Current Affairs It’s been a tough week for reading the news. It was bad enough reading the likes of ABC’s reports (here and here, for example) on the Coalition’s attempts to undermine Rudd’s forthcoming apology on February 13 by insisting that … Continue reading

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December’s Books: a miscellany

My selection of readings this month started with a footnote. The note, in Inga Clendinnen’s article on W. E. H. Stanner’s life of Durmugam, led me back to the bookshelves and a volume of essays originally published in 1988, Past and Present: the … Continue reading

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November Books: First Contact

This month I’ve been continuing to read history, and have an interesting pair of “contact” stories to report on, plus a third book that I hoped would provide some scientific insight to the stories of early encounters. Since I’ve backed … Continue reading

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October Books: Aboriginal Biography

I’ve been traveling so much in the last month that I feel like I’m way behind in my writing…and to an extent in reading too. But in early in October I was inspired by Nicolas Rothwell’s review in The Australian of Liam Campbell’s new … Continue reading

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