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A Dance with Bangarra

My first reaction when I opened the new volume about Bangarra Dance Theatre, Clan by choreographer Stephen Page and collaborating photographer Greg Barrett (Allen & Unwin, 2013), was surprise at the sheer beauty of what I saw.  My second reaction was to … Continue reading

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The Centre in the Camera

A new book by Philip Jones always promises to be a treat, and although Images of the Interior: seven Central Australian photographers (Wakefield Press, 2011) was published a year ago, I’ve just recently had the pleasure of its acquaintance.  Jones … Continue reading

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Bindi Cole and the Sistagirls

We thought it would be really interesting for people to know that there’s Indigenous people, you know, who live the traditional cultures but who are gay, lesbian, transgender, whatever label you want to give it. –Foxxy Empire Last Tuesday the … Continue reading

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Half Light Retrospective

The exhibition of Art + Soul, Hetti Perkins’ dramatic new survey of Indigenous art and artists opened this weekend at the Art Gallery of New South Wales; the tripartite ABC documentary premiers Thursday night.  Intriguing reviews have already appeared in … Continue reading

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Basedow’s Photographs

About six months ago the National Museum of Australia opened an exhibition entitled A Different Time: the expedition photographs of Herbert Basedow 1903-1928, which was enthusiastically reviewed by Nicolas Rothwell in The Australian (“An observer and preserver,” August 7, 2008). I was intrigued, … Continue reading

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Living Stories: Indigenous Photographers, Part 2

A few weeks ago, I published some musings about recent shows by Indigenous photographers Christian Thompson and Destiny Deacon which led me to think about the use of the genre of the tableau vivant among contemporary artists in the medium. Deacon’s work employs the … Continue reading

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Games in the Hood: Indigenous Photographers, Part 1

When I think about photography in the context of “fine art,” I generally have categories in mind: landscape, portraiture, documentary, abstraction. The new show of Christian Thompson’s work at Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Australian Graffiti (follow the links to the exhibitions pages), and the … Continue reading

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