In Memoriam

On December 2, Will Owen unexpectedly passed away in his sleep.

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10 Responses to In Memoriam

  1. I would like to thank the great voice of Will Owen for Aboriginal art.
    Over the years we had many opportunities to exchange together. We shared the same passion for some artists and a mutual commitment in leading blogs dedicated to Aboriginal art.

    I would like to stress his remarkable eye never yielded to the ease and his quest deepened each year in the field of anthropology to meet the unique continuous oldest nomadic culture in the world.

    His remarkable blog “Aboriginal Art & Culture: an american eye” is around the world, a place of reference, as a virtual discussion like those great reading rooms of “Siècle of Lumières” in France.

    It’s very sad not to have the chance to read his notes in the futures neither to hear his experiences & analysis, or his encouragements on the way of a collection, or about my new ways to defend & promote also Aboriginal art.

    Will has held high the flame of Aborigine art across continents, becoming a reference in its domain, since his blog today is archived for posterity in the PANDORA database of the National Gallery of Australia.

    Similarly his private collection of Aboriginal art made with his companion Harvey Wagner, has a very hight interest, and was given to the Hood Museum of Art in the USA.

    Will Owen and Harvey Wagner has been signing together the most beautiful achievement for collectors: discoverers, witnesses and transmitters of their knowledge & works in a Museum … for eternity. Thank you Will & Harvey !

  2. Flora says:

    I am sad, too. I loved reading Will’s academic writings, thoughts and feelings.
    Rest in Peace, Will. Lots of people will miss you. Xxxx

  3. I will miss Will and his o thoughtful writings on Aboriginal art and culture. Thankyou Wil and RIP.

  4. PS [I am re-posting due to my typo’s]! I will miss Will and his so thoughtful writings on Aboriginal art and culture. I learned much from his sensitive and grounded commentaries. Thank you Will and RIP.

  5. Chips Mackinolty says:

    He was a lovely man, and I was fortunate to have met him on one of his trips to Darwin

  6. Chips Mackinolty says:

    And deepest sympathies to Harvey.

  7. Brenda L Croft says:

    So very sad to hear of the sudden passing of Will Owen, who was such an enthusiastic champion of contemporary Australian Indigenous art and culture for so many years. I send my heartfelt condolences to his equally enthusiastic lifelong partner, Harvey Wagner. Such a great partnership – I remember running into Will and Harvey so often during my the past decade and a half. Love and strength to family and friends of both Will and Harvey, xox

  8. Our deepest sympathy to Harvey and your extended family from everyone at Alcaston Gallery. Back at work for 2016 my staff were shocked today and very sad to hear of Will’s passing. We all extend our thanks to Harvery and Will for their very long time support of the artists at Alcaston and Anthony and I remember with much fondness our stay at your home and viewing your amazing collection.

  9. Chris Hunter says:

    I never met Will in person but through our correspondence over the years developed an impression of beautiful man. His blogging was brilliant and brimmed with his passion for Aboriginal Art. The art world has lost a true champion. My condolences to Harvey.

  10. Rose says:

    So sad to hear the owner of this great blog will not write anymore. Thanks to him for all the beautiful things I could get an insight in. My condolences.

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