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Explicating Bark Painting

Two years ago, during the turning of 2011 into 2012, I took my customary holiday break from serious thinking and produced a pair of posts in which I looked back at what I thought to be some of the core … Continue reading

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The Grace of God

“How to paint the grace of God?” That is the surprising question with which Wally Caruana opens the essays that introduce this extraordinary compilation of Old Masters: Australia’s greatest bark artists (National Museum of Australia, 2013). A few years back, … Continue reading

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Yolngu Songmen: Rorruwuy Manikay

Last week I shared a couple of clips of Yolngu rock ‘n’ roll from the Seven Star Band, a bunch of rowdy young rockers (and I say that with love in my heart). This week, I want to turn to … Continue reading

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Yolngu Songmen: Seven Star Band

Each year at Christmastime I try to kick back a little and instead of putting together an essay, I try to offer a little lighter entertainment: photographs, or short reading lists, or something similar.  This year, it’s time for some … Continue reading

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Building a Camp in Arnhem Land

The Bulman-Weemol community is located in the heart of Arnhem Land, halfway between Katherine and Blue Mud Bay off the Gulf of Carpentaria.  Nearby is Bodeidei Camp, an eco-tourism venture operated by Dreamtime Safaris that offers the experience of visiting … Continue reading

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Arnhem Land Investigations

Earlier this (northern) summer, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC completed the repatriation of the last set of Indigenous remains that has been in their collections for over sixty years, following up a process that had begun in 2008.  The … Continue reading

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Top (End) Books

Great and very timely news from the publishing world tonight: Niblock Publishing has re-issued two of Andrew McMillan’s books, both of which have been out of print for far too long. I’ve written about both of them before, so I won’t go … Continue reading

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