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Last week I read with some surprise and no little sadness the obituary notice in the Sydney Morning Herald for Paddy Japaljarri Stewart.  He was known as “Cookie” from his days as a cook at the Papunya settlement, days that … Continue reading

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Beating Petrol

It’s rare that any publication about Indigenous matters generates as much buzz as Andrew Stojanovski’s Dog Ear Cafe: how the Mt Theo Program beat the curse of petrol sniffing (Hybrid Publishers, 2010) has in the scant weeks since its publication. … Continue reading

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A Brief History in Yuendumu

The new service from the National Library of Australia, Trove, is a marvel whose gifts I’m just beginning to explore. It offers a single search that will retrieves matches from over 93 million books, magazines, newspaper articles (dating back to 1803!), … Continue reading

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Warlpiri Media, Old and New

A few months back, David Nash sent me a copy of Warlukulangu Artists of Yuendumu, a thirty-minute video he’d obtained from the art centre. Made in 1991 by Warlukurlangu Artists in conjunction with Desert Pictures from Alice Springs, the film is a marvelous … Continue reading

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Batik Brilliance

There is a paradox in the story of Indigenous textile art, the most famous examples of which are undoubtedly the Utopia batiks. As the market for painting by Aboriginal artists took off in the 1990s, the Utopia batiks were rightly … Continue reading

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Yuendumu in India / Maningrida in America

A couple of announcements just in of new Aboriginal art shows outside of Australia. Warlukurlangu Artists will be opening in April in New Delhi, and the first all-Maningrida show to grace America’s shores arrives the same week in Washington, DC.

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Yuendumu Nights

In Yuendumu Everyday: contemporary life in remote Aboriginal Australia (Aboriginal Studies Press, 2008) author Yasmine Musharbash deploys modest investigative techniques to tackle a range of issues about life in Yuendumu. She explores deep-seated Warlpiri modes of thought and social beliefs, the confrontation … Continue reading

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