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There Is No Town Like Alice

Let’s backtrack a week or so to Alice Springs, although the memories seem tame now by comparison to the rush of Darwin’s events.  We arrived on the midday flight from Sydney, which gave us just enough time to drop our bags … Continue reading

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Vale Napanangka

This coming week a funeral will be held for the renowned Papunya Tula artist M. Napanangka, who passed away in Alice Springs earlier this month.  Her age, like that of many senior, bush-born people, is not known exactly, but she … Continue reading

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Politics of the Secret

Rumors that Vivien Johnson was writing a history of painting at Papunya have been reaching my ears for a long time now.  When the publication of Johnson’s Lives of the Papunya Tula Painters was announced in 2008 by IAD Press, I … Continue reading

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More American Horizons

I don’t often write about exhibitions that I haven’t seen in person. Even the best documentation in printed form or on a website can seriously under-represent the quality of work on display in a gallery. Tony Bond has just produced … Continue reading

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Nothing Succeeds Like Success

And nothing beats success for generating envy, or so it seems.  Last week, Papunya Tula Artists released the following press release: Papunya Tula Artists Pty Ltd PRESS RELEASE 19th May 2010 Over the last two weeks Papunya Tula Artists Pty … Continue reading

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Art of the Western Desert, New York

We traveled to New York City last weekend to attend the linked openings of Icons of the Western Desert at the Grey Art Gallery at New York University and Papunya Tula Artists’ Nganana Tjungurringanyi Tjukurrpa Nintintjakitja (We Are Here Sharing Our Dreaming) just down … Continue reading

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Desert & Metropolis: Papunya Tula Comes to New York

In little less than a month, Icons of the Desert: early Aboriginal paintings from Papunya returns to the east coast of America, where it will be on view at the Grey Gallery of New York University through the first week of December. … Continue reading

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Nakamarra’s Abstraction: Continuity and Change

I remember visiting Papunya Tula Artists’ Todd Street shop late in 1998, a few months after Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri passed away. Namarari was among the first of PTA’s artists whose work I came to recognize and love: the bold swirls … Continue reading

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“Icons of the Desert” Opens

The official opening of the exhibition of Icons of the Desert: Early Aboriginal Paintings from Papunya took place at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum at Cornell University in Ithaca NY over three days last weekend, February 12-14, 2009. Drawn from a collection assembled … Continue reading

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The Many Lives of Papunya Tula Artists

The first great reference work (perhaps even the first) on Aboriginal art to appear in print was Vivien Johnson’s Aboriginal Artists of the Western Desert: a biographical dictionary(Craftsman House, 1994). Five years in the making, the book was Johnson’s attempt to … Continue reading

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