eight-and-a-halfI’ve just passed an odd milestone: 8½ years of publishing this blog on pretty much a weekly basis.  This is my 634th post, or an average of 1.4 posts a week.  I haven’t counted the words.

And the truth is, I need a break.

Over the Christmas holidays I did a lot of writing, shored up a number of pieces, and have pretty much been coasting ever since.  For the past six weeks I’ve had the catalog from the Yirrkala Drawings show on the bookshelf behind my desk, and I’ve barely made it past the introduction.

So I’m going to put the blog on hiatus.  I may stop publishing entirely for a while, but I will eventually put things out intermittently as inspiration strikes.  But I don’t want to just mail it in week after week.  I guess it’s the schedule that I’ve imposed on myself that’s drained me, so I need to relax a bit.

I never thought that I would write this much, for this long.  But it’s been an extraordinary experience, most of all for the friendships that it has brought me through the years.  Reaching out to y’all in this way has opened many doors and many arms to me; and that experience alone makes me sure that I will be back someday when the batteries are recharged.

A couple of weeks ago the National Gallery of Australia Research Library, working in conjunction with the National Library of Australia, requested permission to include Aboriginal Art & Culture: an American eye in PANDORA, Australia’s Web Archive.  I am delighted and honored beyond words to have received that invitation.

Thank you all for listening, and please stay in touch.  There’s a link on the “about” page, and you can reach me on Facebook, but not on Twitter.

I’ve never been one for graceful exits, so maybe I should just stop here.  Thank you.

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  1. Cher Will,

    Je comprends et mesure l’intensité de cet engagement sur ce blog. Il reste une référence par l’acuité des sujets, la profondeur des analyses. Un immense merci Will pour ce merveilleux travail.
    C’est une tristesse d’imaginer une fin à cette aventure. J’espère que le site restera en ligne car il est une référence précieuse pour l’art aborigène. Et que dans quelques temps nous aurons l’occasion de relire de beaux articles.



  2. Will says:

    Mille remerciements, mon ami. Soyez calme: le blog restera en ligne and j’en y ajouterai de temps en temps. Peut-etre je me ferai relire des articles aussi!

  3. rhinophile says:

    I am a recent ‘follower’, Will, and I have very much enjoyed your posts and have certainly learnt a great deal. Thank you for putting so much into creating your blog – your knowledge of, and respect for, indigenous Australians is really amazing. I have saved several of your posts when the topic has particularly appealed to me, keeping them a little closer to my heart. I understand your need for a change – who knows what will come of this! May your journey through life continue to be grand.

  4. Dear Will. Your contribution to the world of Aboriginal art has been invaluable. Mondays in Oz won’t be the same. Nor will your Sundays! Enjoy them, and thank you. All the best. Jane

  5. Judy Lovell says:

    Will, thank you for the great and diverse perspectives of studios and galleries, books and disks, events and exchanges across Aboriginal arts for cosmopolitan audiences. Very happy your record will be preserved; it is writing well wrote. Enjoy whatever comes next

  6. Robert says:

    In the finale of 8 1/2 doesn’t the director emerge from a false end to a new freedom of joy to begin creating again?
    Just saying.

  7. Thank you for this excellent resource, Will. All the best with your break and looking forward to hearing from you again after the hiatus ends.

  8. Cath Bowdler says:

    Dear Will,
    I echo the comments above. I will really miss your enthusiasm, scholarship and passion and, as Jane says, Mondays in Oz will be a little less interesting. Enjoy your break and good luck

  9. Bob Kaplan says:

    Alas. Good for you. Sad for us.

  10. Maybe it’s time for an anthology Will?

  11. Jill Stubington says:

    Thank you Will. I have loved having your posts to read. Please don’t give up for good.

  12. AAMU team says:

    Dear Will,

    Thank you for all those years of great posts. We’ve enjoyed them very much. Every week we’ve shared your new post with our followers, and they were very much appreciated. So we’re also a bit (ok very) sorry that we will not start our working week with your teachings about various and always relevant subjects anymore.

    You deserve a break, we wish you all the best.

    Greetings from everyone at the AAMU.

  13. Will says:

    Thank you, one and all, for the kind words and encouragement. I must admit to feeling like a new man, and the onset of spring with flowering dogwoods and redbuds and wisteria is adding to the sensation. I’ll admit that I have a few new posts in mind, but I don’t have a schedule, and that’s a glorious thing. We’ll stay in touch.

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