Strong Women at Tandanya

I’ve been lucky enough to receive a fine set of photographs of the exhibition Strong Women Strong Painting Strong Culture: Aboriginal Women’s Art of the Central and Western Deserts from the Sims Dickson Collectionnow entering its final week on show at Tandanya – National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide.

The exhibition is about half way through its national tour, with eight venues under its belt and another six to go. Next stop is Latrobe Regional Gallery, Victoria, in April 2014, then Tamworth, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Dubbo and Melbourne.

For Tandanya the show has been expanded with two generous loans, by Amanda Dent and Brian Hallett of a major Kungkarangkalpa Tjukurpa by Wingu Tingima, and by Dr Denis Saunders of M K Turner’s Intervention Ayeye Akerte, plus seven new history paintings on paper by Niningka Lewis.

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Photography credit: Photographs by Iain Morton, Ananguku Arts (used with permission)

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2 Responses to Strong Women at Tandanya

  1. I am a big fan of Indigenous artwork. The paintings you have shown are so beautiful, the colours are amazing, but I do love the sculptures as well. Especially the animals, they are really well done.

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