Meanwhile, Back at Desert Mob

Desert Mob 2012 opened last weekend in Alice Springs and seems poised to maintain its reputation as the premier show of the season.  There’s a good review by Kieran Finnane of the symposium that kicked things off on September 7 in the Alice Springs News (“The way it’s always been and the ways of the future,” September 10, 2012), and Nicolas Rothwell has offered his annual assessment in The Australian (“Desert Mob lays out the legacy,” September 13, 2012).  Desart Senior Program Manager Michelle Culpitt has been keeping her Facebook friends up to date with plenty of photographs of the people and events in Alice Springs over the opening weekend as well.

For my contribution, modest as it is, I’m delighted to share a swag of photos sent to me by Stephen Williamson, Curator at the Araluen Arts Centre.  This is Desert Mob as you’ve probably never seen it: the galleries gleaming and empty of everything except extraordinary vistas of art.  There isn’t much I can add by way of commentary, so I’ll just allow these pictures to speak a few thousand words for me.  The exhibition continues at Araluen through Sunday, October 21, 2012.

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One Response to Meanwhile, Back at Desert Mob

  1. greg says:

    Many, many thanks for this glimpse, Will! Just wish Desart would finally post images of the exhibited works with identification on its website, as promised…. I’ve never understood why this organization hasn’t seen the importance of promoting the event the way the Telstra awards do!

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