Aboriginal Art Housekeeping

As of today, the original site for this blog at http://homepage.mac.com/will_owen/iblog/ has disappeared from the internet for good.  Apple is shutting down mac.com on June 30, and I “migrated” today, which means that my MacMail address still works, but all the other content at that site is no longer accessible there.

But now for the good news.  Over the past few months, I’ve managed to move everything I had put up there to this WordPress site. I was able to copy all 400-plus posts from September 2005 through July 2010 (even the stupid ones I now wish I hadn’t written), preserve the original posting dates, and even add some new metadata tags to many of them.

So all the content is here now.  If you own a web site that has a link to the old site, I’d be grateful if you updated the link to point here; as far as I can tell, you won’t get redirected from an old link to the new page.  (This also means that a lot of those old posts that cross-reference each other will have heaps of broken links in them, but the search feature at the top right of this page ought to help if you want to find something.)  And with this final look to the past, I’ll get back to putting together this week’s real story.  –Will

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