Don’t Forget, Darwin, Christmas is Coming Soon!

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One Response to Don’t Forget, Darwin, Christmas is Coming Soon!

  1. David F says:

    Last week I attended this exhibition with a friend who has worked in Arnhem Land for many years.
    I highly recommend anyone in Darwin to go and see it!
    Having spent a little time with Yolngu during special occasions such as funerals and attending some other ceremonies I have been lucky to experience a little of that sense of connection that my Yolngu family know and practice well. As a person who lives in the confusion of the Western world I am also very familiar with the disjointed relationship we, who live in the cradle of Western materialist culture, seem to have with, grief, celebration, living and dying and the fear of our own mortality.
    What does Christmas mean anyway?

    I am sure that this exhibition will provide a window into a way of being that many of us would never have experienced, just watching can give some sense of being part of a very precious expression of what Christmas is all about!

    There’s a quotation by Mr Paul Gurrumuruwuy in the opening pages of the brochure for the exhibition which expresses this perfectly:

    “…We’re giving this feeling to Balanda so they can feel the same thing… So they will feel the same thing as Yolngu. And gain strength and power in their own lives…”

    I’ll be headed back this week to share this with some friends. I’ve heard they may take the show on the road!

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