Passion Is No Ordinary Word

I’m a little preoccupied this weekend with a wonderful and charming houseguest, and so I’ll beg off an essay and offer a couple of video clips instead.

The first came from the ABC a few weeks ago, and consists largely of an interview with Janet Holmes a Court, in which she speaks of her long-time passion for Indigenous art.  There are also a few nice clips of artists from the APY Lands, including one of my current favorites in a cameo appearance, Tjunkara Ken.

Next up, this year’s Deadly winners for up and coming talent–again, you all know, one of my current favorites: Iwantja.  Click here to play the video.  These guys are the epitome of cool, but I’ve always believe that cool is another word for passion, just not the ordinary word.

Iwantja Band

See you again next week.

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