The 28th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards

Last time we spoke I was in Sydney.  Well, truth, I was in Alice, but I haven’t yet gotten around to writing up Alice’s adventures, much less the fabulous opening of Ngaruwanajirri:helping one another at Charles Darwin Uni’s Art Gallery on Wednesday night, or the exhibitions we’ve already visited in Darwin in between seeing the works in this year’s award show.  And by now you’ve all heard the news about the winners, so I’ll just do a brief recap via the photographs I took at the Awards presentations last night.  Keep it simple.  Commentary will follow another time, as we’re off to the opening of the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair next!


The Tjupi Band kicked off the evening's festivities; they headline the Santos concert at the Darwin festival Friday night (tonight)


Sammy Butcher (seated) joined Tjupi for one number. I can die happy now; I've seen my #1 guitar hero play live.


Of course, the show doesn't really get started until Ali Mills sings "The Arafura Pearl"

marcia langton

Chairman of the Board: Marcia Langton opens the show by introducing ....

hetti perkins

Hetti Perkins, who made a plea for a National Indigenous Cultural Centre to provide focus and leadership across the spectrum of the arts

Tiwi Strong women's choir

The Tiwi Strong Women's Choir returned to provide entertainment to the crowd once again. They also seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely up on stage.

Gali Yalkarriwuy

The Wandjuk Marika 3D Award was the first presented, as always by Wandjuk's son Mawalan. Gali Yalkarriwuy from Galiwin'ku won for his lovely morning star poles. He was on and off the stage to accept his award so quickly that I only caught his back and he turned away. Gordon Barrymore from Telstra presented the awards to each of the winners.

Bobby West Tjupurrula

Bobby West Tjupurrula of Papunya Tula Artists captured the general painting prize, thanking all those, including Paul Sweeney, who keep him working hard at making paintings.

Raelene Kerinauia

Raelene Kerinauia from Jilamara Arts gave the briefest speech ("Thank you" ) after winning the bark painting award

Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona, repeat prizewinner, this year for work on paper

Ricardo Idagi

Ricardo Idagi took the new media award with a film embedded inside an elaborate turtle shell mask

Dickie Minyintiri won the overall prize, but had returned to Alice Springs earlier in the day. Alison and Pepai Carroll from Ernabella Arts and Ananguku Arts accepted on his behalf; Alison spoke strongly on Pitjantjatjara and English on the continuing Aboriginal ownership of their art centre at Ernabella since 1948 and into the future, for their children

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2 Responses to The 28th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards

  1. Thanks Will for thoser hot pics ! Great to see Dennis Nona getting his 4th Telstra ! His show in France is doing inceredibly well and people just love the work !

    Very kind regards from Paris !
    Stephane Jacob

  2. David says:

    There’s so many things on in Darwin at the moment! I totally missed this one! But caught the band Young Guns at opening of Darwin Festival last night. Unfortunately we had to leave early… I wonder if Sammy Butcher was still in town.

    Tiwi Strong Women would have been great too.

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