Animations and Andrew

Still on holidays here, so I’ll serve up a little more video to help us all while away the time.

First up, there’s a series of wonderful and varied stop-motion animations available now from PAW Media out of Yuendumu.  (PAW, which stands for Pintupi-Anmatyerre-Warlpiri, is the successor to the legendary Warlpiri Media Association famed for Bush Mechanics–among other things.)  Click on the image below to get to the Animating Jukurrpa site.  There’s wonderful variety here: claymation and simple, animated sand drawings, as well as some live footage interspersed of young and old telling their stories.  This is real holiday cheer.

Animating Jukurrpa

The second video is an interview with Brook Andrew conducted as part of the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art’s exhibition 21st Century: Art in the First Decade, which opened on December 18th and runs through April 26.  It’s always good to have the chance to hear Andrew talk about his work, but this video does have two drawbacks.  The first is minor: Associate Curator of Indigenous Australian Art Bruce McLean, who interviews Andrew, is nearly inaudible.  The second is unbelievable: Andrew talks for 15 minutes about his art and, specifically, the installation piece Ancestor Worship that was commissioned for this exhibition.  But not once does the camera pan away from the talking heads to show the art itself.  You can get a hint of what it’s all about from the latest entry on Andrew’s blog, but not nearly enough.

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1 Response to Animations and Andrew

  1. I really appreciate this work!
    That’s a real modern way to promote the aboriginal art.
    People will show the more interest in aboriginal animations rather than paintings. Because that’s a very close way to see the life style of aboriginal people.
    These things will create the much attraction and better understanding about aboriginal art.

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

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