Hail and Farewell: An American Eye in Transition

I started this blog in September 2005 using a nice piece of software called iBlog and publishing it through my .Mac account.  As you may have noticed if you trawl through earlier posts or follow links to them in my recent writing, things have gotten a little flaky.  Images are disappearing at random, and sometimes whole posts.  So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and try to shift my work to WordPress where Aboriginal Art & Culture: an American eye is being reborn (https://aboriginalartandculture.wordpress.com/).

I toyed with the idea of trying to migrate this entire site to WordPress, but there proved to be no practical way of doing so. iBlog has always been a bit out of the mainstream of blogging platforms, and while I’ve been very happy with its capabilities until recently, the sad fact is that it’s no longer actively developed or supported and I’m spending almost as much time each week fixing things as I am writing new posts. So I will leave this site up indefinitely and transfer my energies to learning the tricks and features of the new platform.

One of the new features that WordPress easily enables is a link to Twitter feeds, and I hope to take advantage of that to point readers to some of the good stuff that I come across in the course of a week but that I wouldn’t normally blog about, or blog in a timely fashion. Comments are built in as well; but check the “About the blog” page if you want to contact me directly.

In five years I’ve managed, thanks to many of you who have put up links to this site on your own websites and blogs, to pull myself up the Google rankings, meaning there’s a good chance that those who aren’t regular readers can discover posts. So please, if you can, change your links to my new address. Subscribe to the new RSS feed. Spread the word.

And thanks to all of you who have made the last five years so exciting, rewarding, and instructive. Here we go again!

At Yuendumu with Paddy Japaljarri Sims and Kerry S., May 2007.

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