Brook Andrew at the Biennale

I’ve always enjoyed and admired Brook Andrew‘s work. The way that it slides from slapstick humor to grim seriousness, sometimes in the same piece. But most certainly over the course of his career, Andrew has consistently surprised me as his neon sculptures gave way to the spooky romanticism of the Kalar Midday photographs or the Gun-Metal Gray portraits. And now he’s come back with an installation at the Sydney Biennale that’s as goofy and it is grim. Thanks to the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales and their COFA Talks Online video series, here is a brief look at the installation of Andrew’s Jumping Castle War Memorial on Cockatoo Island.

Video Link: Jumping Castle War Memorial (video)
There’s a great moment in the latter half of the video when Andrew is asked by a member of his audience what the role of the artist is. His answer? “The role of the artist is like the role of the chef. Some people like the food, some people don’t like the food.” It’s typical of Andrew’s spot-on, throwaway, dead serious humor. Just like the Jumping Castle War Memorial itself.

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