The Western Desert in Painting, Film, and Lecture

There will be a wealth of lectures and films coming up in the next few months in New York City in association with the exhibition of Icons of the Desert: early Aboriginal paintings from Papunya at the Grey Gallery of New York University. A program of New Indigenous Cinema from Australia will kick things off on September 12 at the National Museum of the American Indian’s NYC venue. Fred Myers will be giving a series of lectures illuminating the cultural context for Pintupi painting. Francesca Cubillo, late of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and now Senior Curator of Indigenous Art at the National Gallery of Australia will be speaking on October 22. Roger Benjamin and Andy Weislogel, who mounted the exhibition for the first time at Cornell University’s Johnson Museum of Art, round out the lecture series on the first weekend of November.

Full details can be found on the Grey’s website, and in this program listing: IconsOfTheDesertPublicProgram.pdf

Below are just some highlights from the season. (Download the PDF above for more.)

It’s a particularly rich moment for Aboriginal art in America. Culture Warriors, the inaugural Australian Indigenous Art Triennial curated in 2007 at the NGA by Brenda Croft opens at American University’s Katzen Art Center in Washington DC the same weekend that Icons of the Desert debuts at the Grey Gallery. And a retrospective of the work of Richard Bell will be at Location1 on Greene Street in New York’s Soho District from October 8 through November 21. 

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