Pictures from an Exhibition

On Wednesday night, July 30, we were Bev Knight’s guests at the opening of the Melbourne Art Fair. Eighty galleries were expected to draw 3,000 guests over the course of an evening. I’m not sure what the numbers actually turned out to be, but it was a non-stop evening. We didn’t even manage to visit all the booths that were featuring Indigenous art that evening, and at some of the booths we weren’t able to take even a quick picture. But to give you a sense of what was there on opening night, and with my apologies to those I missed, either on the floor or with the camera, here are a few pictures from the exhibition.

Alcaston Gallery featured Gulumbu Yunupingu and Billy Benn among others

William Mora’s exhibition of work from Maningrida

Tolarno Gallery feautred a neon installation by Brook Andrew

Vivian Anderson had works from Tjungu Palya on offer

Utopia’s Christopher Hodges, sculpture and sculptor, with Emily and Doreen Reid Nakamarra

When we dropped in to say hello to Dallas Gold (left) at Raft Artspace, we were delighted to find Luke Scholes from Papunya Tula Artists in town visiting

Samantha Pizzi looking lovely flanked by Christian Thompson; Henry Skerritt and Diane Mossenson had knockout new work by Shane Pickett at Mossenson Galleries Collingwood

Bev Knight from Alcaston Gallery posed with Harvey before the night ended

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