Across Australia Fair, IV

This will be my final set in a series of holiday photo posts, this time from Margo’s contributions (with a little help from a friend). As I was looking through the set of images that Margo had put together, I was struck by how many of them were portraits. And so, since I’ve focused to a great degree on country in the previous three posts, I thought I would make this last one all about some of the people we met. The first three pictures below are from Wolf, also a frequent portraitist, the rest are Margo’s. So may I introduce to you … 

Makinti Napanangka (Papunya Tula, Kintore)

Judy Mengil (Waringarri, Kununurra)
(Check out that Wu-Tang Clan sweatshirt!)

James Iyuna (Maningrida)

Agnes Armstrong (Waringarri, Kununurra)

Margo with Philip Gudthaykudthay (Bula Bula, Ramingining)

And with Tjunta Lewis (Warakurna)

Pansy Napangardi (at Ngurratjuta, Alice Springs)

Paddy Stewart Japaljarri (Warlukurlangku, shown here at Ngurratjuta in Alice Springs)

June Smith (Keringke, Ltyentye Apurte)

Frances Rikili (Bula Bula, Ramingining)

Richard Birrinbirrin (Bula Bula, Ramingining)

Daisy Bitting, left, and Phyllis Ningamara (Waringarri, Kununurra)

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