Got Holiday Cheer? Get Music Outback Foundation!

A few weeks ago while I was trawling YouTube for Aboriginal music videos I stumbled across a couple of short films from the Music Outback Foundation. Tonight, I received mail from Maura Dawes, who pointed me to the Foundation’s website, just in time for Christmas.

Not that you’ll find many reindeer or elves there. But if the holidays are about feeling good and being grateful for good things, then you’ll want to spend some time browsing this site that features two full albums of songs composed and performed by the children of the Ti Tree and Utopia community schools and enough good cheer to keep you smiling all the way to 2008.

The Music Outback Foundation was started in 2001 by Steve Berry. Steve has worked with community teachers, professional musicians and, most of all, kids across the Northern Territory to use muscial education as a means of encouraging school attendance, teaching literacy and numeracy skills, and judging from the results, having a grand old time picking and playing. Check out the videos for details.

If you’ll be at the Woodford Folk Festival over the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s, you can catch performers from Ti Tree live at the Dingo Shed Friday night at 10:00, Sunday at 6:30, or Monday, New Year’s Eve, at 9:00.

But whether you catch them at Woodford or just on the web, get into the holiday spirit by making a donation to support the work of the Music Outback Foundation: all donations over $2 are tax deductible, and it’s almost the end of the year, so don’t hesitate–do it today!

Update and Correction: The Ti Tree Mob will not be at Woodford this year. The MOF’s website indicated that it was there in 2006. I looked up the program for this year at he WFF’s website, and found MOF listed, but apparently that listing is an inaccurate holdover. My apologies for leading you astray.


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