Warakurna: Thriving in the Desert

There’s a new blog out there to keep your eyes on: Thriving in the Desert, authored by Edwina Circuitt of the Warakurna Artists Art Centre. It made its debut November 10 (which would be yesterday in Australia, but is still today here in the USA. Here’s her statement of purpose:

This blog aims to stir the pot and give people a pathway to a better understanding of the issues faced by remote Aboriginal art centres and artists.

This is a collection of personal impressions and insights from my time in Warakurna Community, working as the manager of Warakurna Artists Aboriginal Corporation, Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Western Australia.

I had the pleasure of meeting Edwina in Warakurna back in May, on one of the most memorable stops on our tour of 21 art centres. She’s a truly dedicated coordinator, a tough promoter of the community, a generous and hospitable host, and a thorough pleasure to spend time with. I’m delighted that she’s going to try to take on the challenge of bringing life in the Central Desert to the rest of the world; it would be hard to think of a better candidate to undertake this task.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Edwina, and best of luck in this and all your endeavors.

The main doors of the art centre (Photograph courtesy of Warakurna Artists)
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