Terpsichore in Ramingining

Just in case you’ve been vacationing in Antarctica for the last week and haven’t heard the news, the latest international YouTube sensation (71,000+ views as of this morning) features the Chooky Dancers from Elcho Island performing at the Ramingining Festival back in September. Dressed in nagas or soccer shorts, ochred up, and driving the audience wild with a soundtrack out of Zorba the Greek, the young men had the crowd howling with delight. The ten dancers mix unequal parts of traditional Yolngu steps, disco line dancing, Busby Berkeley, and Greek syrtaki moves with plain old foot stomping rhythm. According to ABC Radio National, the Chookys have gotten invitations to perform in Canberra and at Darwin’s Greek festival, Glenti, and have been broadcast in the town square of the Greek Island of Kastelorizo. 

According to comments left on the YouTube site, the group has an unfilmed Bollywood dance in their repertoire as well. Maybe we’ll have a chance to see that soon. In the meantime, enjoy this one.

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