Love 0, Hate 1

I’ve written in the past that I have a love/hate relationship with The Australian. From my online perspective, the newspaper has the best coverage of indigenous issues. It certainly has more coverage than the other major papers, and although I don’t always agree with their editorial perspectives, I’m better informed for having read what they publish. And they do publish some damned good stuff, especially on Aboriginal art.

I just stumbled on this television ad that I gathered started playing in July. It sort of epitomizes my love/hate problem. The “burkini” lifesaver is a good antidote to Cronulla, I guess, and I can’t fault them for bragging on Ian Frazer’s development of a vaccine for cervical cancer. I’ll restrain my American voice from commenting on the Iraqi angle, else I’d be haranguing you all day. But their exploitation of the Intervention and the doggerel’s insinuation that it’s supported by all Australians put this piece of “Australiana” firmly in my “hate” column.

When the old and the new are both true blue
That’s Australian
When the call for help that’s needed
won’t go unheeded
That’s Australian
When persistence is the answer
for a cure for cancer
That’s Australian
When the cries of our young
bring us together as one
That’s Australian.
The Australian
The Heart of the Nation

As we say in America, or at least in Los Angeles, gag me with a spoon.

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