MQB Revisited

Thanks to Suzanne O’Connell, I have some more photographs from Paris to share with you all. 

This first shot comes from the press conference on the Monday of opening week, which everyone was enjoying while Harvey and I were making our way through rush hour traffic from the airport into town. Left to right, Gulumbu Yunupingu, Judy Watson, John Mawurndjul, Linda Burney, representing the estate of Michael Riley along with Michael’s sister Wendy, Helene Teichmann, the representative from Jirrawun Arts, Mary Knights from Irrunytju Arts, and the suavest Paul Sweeney from Papunya Tula.

Working plans from the display created by Cracknell & Lonergan at the Embassy of Australia, where the press conference was held.

Another shot of the exterior windows, with a better look at Tommy Watson’s design than I’d been able to catch.

Detail of the Tommy Watson window.

Another look at Tommy Watson’s ceiling, with Suzanne herself.

This dramatic shot of Ronnie Tjampitjinpa’s painting inside the Musee du Quai Branly itself, in the Australian section, gives a very good sense of exactly how bad the lighting was on opening day. The painting below? Not sure, as there were no identifying labels in place yet either. (Revision, 07/22/3006: the painting below is also by Ronnie.)

And finally, the picture y’all have been waiting for….well, OK, the picture that I’ve been waiting for….of me dancing with the Yolngu and Torres Strait Islanders in the final minutes of the ceremony. To the left you can see others about to join; a few seconds later Will Stubbs came down to join me at the end of the line.

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