Le Mob Australien chez MQB

Here are some more photos from the dedication of the Musee du Quai Branly on Tuesday, June 20, 2006, following President Chirac’s address.

Nyakul Dawson on the left, with John Mawurndjul behind him. Right of center, Brenda L.Croft.


Nyakul Dawson and John Mawurndjul. On the right is Mary Knights, art co-ordinator for Irrunytju Arts.


Nyakul front and center, John to the left and behind. Hetti Perkins and Brenda Croft, the Australian co-curators, look on.


John Mawurndjul.


Gulumbu Yunupingu. Behind her, Jennifer Bott, Chief Executive Officer of the Australia Council for the Arts.


We rook this photo at the request of Will Stubbs (Yirrkala), Apolline Kohen (Maningrida), and Paul Sweeney (Papunya Tula), who claim that they never have the chance to be photographed together like this. Happy to oblige, folks.

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