Bardi Dancers at Stonehenge

State of the Arts News carried a short note today that’s blown my mind. The Bardi Dancers from One Arm Point are doing a stint as cultural artists in residence in Salisbury, UK. And on June 5 they will be dancing Ilma at Stonehenge.

I’ve seen videos of Bardi dancers performing in the firelight on a beach in WA, but I still find it hard to imagine what the performance will be like in the company of these world famous monoliths. Other performances are scheduled for Salisbury Cathedral, Wardour Castle, and Old Sarum.

If anyone out there knows more about this residency, I sure would appreciate hearing from you. I’m planning to be in Salisbury in mid-June–not soon enough to see the performance on the fifth, but maybe I’ll get lucky on another date. 

Update (May 26): There’s much more to the Salisbury International Arts Festival on from May 26 through June 11 in the UK this year: David Page brings Page 8 to town, and theYirra Yaakan Noogar Theatre performs Djitty Djitty Flies North. Flim screenings include Rabbit Proof Fence (Doris Pilkington and Lillian Holt will be on hand), Five Seasons, a documentary about Numurindi people from the Gulf of Carpentaria, and Ivan’s Sen’s Beneath CloudsDreaming the Dreaming: the Kurrir Kurrir dance boards of the East Kimberley will be on exhibition at the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum from May 26 through June 10, on loan from the Berndt Museum of Anthropology at the University of Western Australia. The Salisbury Arts Centre will be the venue for Dennis Morris’s exhibition Dreamtime: an Aboriginal Experience, photographs from the Mowanjum community. The Bardi Dancers will be performing in the inner circle at Stonehenge on two dates, June 5 and 7. 

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