Talk Radio: Fred Myers and David Betz

Here’s a very late notice of what I hope will be an interesting radio broadcast from California less than 24 hours from now. Any early-risers in Australia may be able to catch it. I checked out the link to the radio station this afternoon and the directions given below seem to work well–a very simple process.On Saturday March 4th at 11 am U.S. Pacific time Dr. Fred Myers, chairman of the New York University Anthropology Dept and author of Painting Culture, the Making of an Aboriginal High Art, and Songlines’ curator David Betz will be interviewed on ViewPoint by host Ellen Shehadeh for a discussion of Australian Aboriginal art, music, and culture. Certainly An ambitious topic for a one hour show.
ViewPoint is a live radio show broadcast on KWMR in Point Reyes Station, California. Shows are streamed live over the World Wide Web at < > At the site Click the button that says ON AIR, you are then asked if you want a 128kbps stereo stream or a 48k mono stream. The second option is probably the best for those of you with a slower connection.The show will air Sunday 6:00 Am Sydney time, and Saturday 7pm London
Time, and Saturday 8pm Paris time.

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