Cape York Women’s Project

Looking for a Christmas present that helps others and lasts a whole year? How about the Cape York Young Women’s Calendar for 2006? Here’s some information from theirwebsite

Short Project Brief

This is a Queensland Government Department of Education and the Arts program managed by Cindy Hales, from the Alliance of Aboriginal Community Schools, Cape York Young Womens Project. Principally the project assists young Indigenous Cape York women into education and training programs. The calendar gives voice to these young women and is a major fundraiser enabling the Cape York Young Womens project to continue its work.

The production of the calendar is funded through a grant provided by the National Illicit Drug Strategy Community Partnerships Initiative (Dept. of Health and Ageing) and all revenues collected through the sale of the calendar are used in funding the program of assistance, including vocational education and training, for young Indigenous Cape York women.

The Cape York Young Women’s project is about identifying and funding new and exciting opportunities for the young women of Cape York Peninsula.

In an effort to develop pathways towards self-suffiency, the project has undertaken the production of merchandise which showcase the project and the young women involved. One of the merchandise that has been produced over the past three years has been the Cape York Young Women’s Calendar, which specifically promotes young indigenous women in a range of fields as role models.

This new and exciting approach to sustaining the project seeks to involve the community and corporate worlds by way of donations and through sale of the merchandise. To date this approach has been achieving it’s goals mostly through the sale of the Calendar. Although key stake-holders have privided most of the funding to maintain the project staff in the education and training of these dynamic young women, previous non-recurrent government funds are not committed for 2006. Now it’s time for you to get involved and support this project and it’s invaluable initiatives. Already we have received interest from large Corporations for the bulk-purchase of the Calendar, but further support is required.

Each month features photographs by Kerry Trapnell of two women from a community on Cape York, including, for December, Fiona Omeenyo and Samantha Hobson, the latter leaning back in a riotously paint-stained apron amongst a tangle of mangrove roots. (Despite the way that may have sounded, we are not talking lascivious here.) 

If you’ve never seen Trapnell’s work, that’s reason enough to buy this calendar, as his photographs of Cape York are always extraordinary. Two years ago, members of the Lockhart River Gang traveled to the United States for an exhibition that was mounted at Columbus State University in Georgia and the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum in Charlottesville, Virginia. Trapnell’s photographs of the artists at home were as enticing as the paintings themselves, but unfortunately, they weren’t for sale at the time.

So buy a calendar and help insure that there’s one for 2007 as well. Also, if you are located anywhere outside Cairns and would be willing to act as a distributor for the calendar, the Project wants to hear from you.

Merry Christmas!

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